IPEX - VXE Series True Union Ball Valve

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The IPEX EasyFit VXE Series True Union Ball Valves represent the latest innovation in thermoplastic ball valve manufacturing technology. Developed in collaboration with Giugiaro Design, the VXE Series replaces the well received VX Series with new and cutting-edge features and is designed for industrial, general purpose and O.E.M. applications. This valve features an ultra-compact double block design, and full port bi-directional operation. The true union design allows the valve to be easily removed from the piping system and fully serviced. A threaded seat stop carrier provides improved seal integrity under tough service conditions while the EasyFit multifunction handle doubles as a tool for ball seat adjustment, and for tightening union nuts precisely.

Typical applications for the VXE series true union ball valve:

  • Water Treatment

  • Plant Water Supply and Distribution

  • Wash-Water and Recovery Systems

  • Swimming Pools

  • Aquariums

  • Irrigation

  • Acid Products Handling for Refineries, Metal Works, etc.

  • Deionized Water

  • Alum and Ferric Chloride Handling

  • Chlorine Injection Systems

  • Bleach, Dye and Acid Lines

  • Pulp and Recovery Systems

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