Vinyl Ester Resin

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DERAKANE 411-350 epoxy vinyl ester resin is based on bisphenol-A epoxy resin and has become the "industry standard" due to its wide range of end-use applications and ability to be used in a wide range of fabrication techniques. The raw materials used in the manufacture of this resin are listed as acceptable in FDA regulation Title 21 CFR 177.2420 for repeated use in contact with food, subject to user's compliance with the prescribed limitations of that regulation.


Applications And Use

  • DERAKANE 411-350 resin is designed for use in fabricating FRP storage tanks, vessels, ducts and on-site maintenance projects, particularly in chemical processing and pulp and paper operations
  • The resin is designed for ease of fabrication using hand layup, spray-up, filament winding, compression molding and resin transfer molding techniques, pultrusion and molded grating applications
  • All resin will include hardener in package



411 resin is guaranteed for 6 months shelf life, 470 resin is guaranteed for 3 months shelf life. Provided, resin must be stored under cool roofed area. Idea room temperature for storage not to exceed 77oF (25oC).


MEKP Catalyst Mixing Chart

Catalyst Concentration
Resin Quantity
1 Quart
1 Gallon
5 Gallon
10 cc
1/3 oz
40 cc
1 1/3 oz
200 cc
6 2/3 oz
12.5 cc
2/5 oz
50 cc
1 2/3 oz
250 cc
8 1/3 oz
15 cc
1/2 oz
60 cc
2 oz
300 cc
10 oz
20 cc
2/3 oz
80c c
2 2/3 oz
400 cc
13 1/4 oz
30 drops is approximately equal to one cc; cc = cubic centimeter; oz =fluid ounce
Using drops for catalyst measurement is only an estimate.
In critical applications MEKP should be measured using cc's or fluid oz's which are volume measurements.
The percentages in the chart: 1% thru 2%, are percentages of resin or gelcoat by weight.
The cc and oz values in the chart have been converted from weights of MEKP to volumes of MEKP to make mixing easier.

PDF file Download Derakane™ epoxy vinyl ester resins chemical resistance guide

3.00 LBS